Pursuant to the memorandum from the government on stringent social distancing measures and further guidelines for the management of COVID-19 situation, Century City Mall will suspend all movie screenings in our four (4) theatres.

Further notice will be sent out for any changes.

Thank you for your understanding.
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    Online Cinema Ticket Transaction Terms & Conditions:
    • • The printed confirmation voucher is valid only on the day of purchased and must be exchanged for the corresponding actual cinema ticket/s at the cinema ticket booth prior entry to the cinema.
    • • Customer must show the printed confirmation voucher (or iPay88 confirmation receipt) at the cinema ticket booth for verification together with his/her valid ID.
    • • In case you do not receive a confirmation email from Century Cinemas, you may print the confirmation email from IPay and use that instead.
    • • Online cinema ticket transactions are only accepted up to 1 hour prior to the preferred screening time.
    • • Price of ticket may change without prior notice.
    • • Online cinema ticket transaction/s is valid only on the selected movie title, cinema number, date and time of screening.
    • • Senior citizen, PWD and other Government-mandated discounts are not applicable for online cinema ticket/s transactions.
    • • MMovie tickets purchased via ( ) are strictly non-cancelable and are not available for exchange under whatever circumstances. Refunds will be provided only when the movie itself has been deemed cancelled/re-scheduled, or if the cinema(s) concerned will not be operating at the said date in the purchased movie ticket for any reason whatsoever. Refunds will be coursed through the respective medium by which the Customer purchased the ticket/s.
    • • A non-refundable PHP 20.00 (Philippine Peso) convenience charge per transaction will be charged for every ticket purchased via ( )

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